Rehab Leadership Framework

The Rehab Leadership Framework provides an evidence informed and practical framework that can guide us in the development of strategies to improve our leadership effectiveness.  This systematic and structured approach has been proven to lead to optimal leadership performance time and time again.  

Rehab Leadership Course Curriculum

Rehab Leadership Framework forms the foundation for the Rehab Leadership course curriculum.   The curriculum starts at the centre of our leadership effectiveness, with a course entitled “Exploring Your Personal Values and Beliefs”.   Wrapping around personal values and beliefs to create our leadership core is “The Emotionally Intelligent Leader in Rehabilitation”.  On this solid internal leadership foundation, rests seven practical leadership skill courses that are essential to effective leadership. 

Rehab Leadership Framework Components

Personal Values and Beliefs

Personal Values and Beliefs are deep expressions of what is most important to us.  They tend to be established early in life and are influenced by our upbringing, lived experience, culture, religion, and other stimuli.  Values and beliefs are the unseen aspects of our person that influence our decisions, thoughts, and interactions and are often unspoken and operate beneath the surface.  When explicitly understood, our values and beliefs help to explain our preferences, strengthen self-awareness, and exert a powerful influence over our leadership effectiveness.    

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EI) can be defined as the way in which we recognize, understand, and manage our emotions or those of others.  It impacts the way we express our thoughts, develop and maintain social relationships, cope with challenges, and use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way.  Our emotional intelligence dramatically effects the way we show up in social or interpersonal situations and, ultimately, impacts the quality of our relationships.

Practical Leadership Skills

Practical  Leadership Skills can only grow and mature when they rest on a firm foundation of personal values, beliefs and emotional intelligence.  These seven leadership skills have been extracted from the literature as key elements of a successful leader in rehabilitation.  Each one focuses on a uniquely important aspect of leadership performance in rehab and collectively contribute to our overall leadership effectiveness.