Jason Giesbrecht

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Jason is a seasoned senior healthcare leader and physiotherapist with more than 26 years’ experience leading teams within large and complex healthcare systems.  He has successfully led across virtually all healthcare sectors including acute care, long term care, assisted living, community care, diagnostic imaging, laboratory services, primary care, rehabilitation and allied health services.  Through the duration of his career, Jason has held numerous senior level positions such as Regional Director, Executive Director, Health Services Administrator and Chief Operating Officer.  Jason is the co-founder PhysioFITT, a mobile physiotherapy service that offers accessible technology enabled rehabilitation services in western Canada, and the principal consultant of RehabLeadership, an company that offers leadership development training and support to leaders in rehabilitation around the globe. 

Jason combines his passion for leadership with a commitment to continuous learning and evidence informed leadership practice through academic partnerships and collaboration.  He is currently an Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia (Canada) and Adjunct Lecturer in the College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at Fiji National University where he leads graduate level courses on healthcare leadership and management.  In addition, Jason has collaborated with numerous academic institutions across western Canada, the South Pacific, and the Middle East to offer applied management training and leadership development opportunities.

With a keen interest in global development and international health, Jason has led and contributed to health system improvement projects in Central America and the Middle East.

Jason brings a practical firsthand leadership experience lens to leadership development and facilitation.  With diverse real-world leadership know-how, he is able to translate theoretical leadership concepts into no-nonsense solutions for leaders struggling with day to day challenges.   Using this approach, Jason has facilitated numerous leadership and emotional intelligence workshops, co-authored a number of e-books on leadership, and has been published in a well-respected peer-reviewed medical journal.

He holds a Bachelor Arts degree (Psychology) and Bachelor of Science degree (Physical Therapy) from the University of Saskatchewan, a Master of Science degree (Physical Therapy) from the University of Alberta, and a Graduate Certificate in Health System Leadership from Royal Roads University.  Jason is also an EQ-i / EQ360 Certified Practitioner and Achieve Global Leadership trainer.

Jason has spent more than two decades coaching leaders through challenging situations, advising senior executives, mentoring new managers, and successfully leading complex transformative change initiatives within large healthcare systems.